Helpful Sylvanian Guide

The following has been taken from Lucy's ebay guide to Sylvanian Families and charts family and building releases up to 2006. This is quite helpful for knowing more about the early releases.

The First Families were:
The Timbertops (Brown Bears), The Evergreens (Grey Bears), The Wildwoods (Brown Rabbits), The Babblebrooks (Grey Rabbits), The Thistlethorns (Grey Mice), The McBurrows (Brown Moles)
The Country Cottage and the Deluxe Country House were the first houses and all the original furniture was green in colour with brass handles. There were also four Wedding Figure Sets available - Sweetwater (Grey Bears), Honeypot (Brown Bears), Windward (Brown Rabbits) and Brighteyes (Grey Rabbits).

Families: Treefellows (Owls), Slydales (Foxes), Waters (Beavers), Chestnuts (Grey Racoons), Oakwoods (Squirrels)
Buildings: Bakery, School, Treehouse
Families: Corntops (Yellow Rabbits with Grey Spots), Forresters (Dogs), Cat-Woods (Brown Cats), Underwoods (Badgers)
Buildings: Nursery, Caravan, Country Manor (with real working lights)
Families: Snow-Warrens (White Rabbits), Puddlefords (Ducks), Honeybears (Tan Bears)
Buildings/Accessories: Pony, Windmill, Pony & Trap, Stable, Pony Club: Holly, Bramble, Willow, Ivy, Nutmeg, Strawberry
Families: Solitaires (Grey Cats), Brambles (Hedgehogs), Bullrushes (Frogs)
Buildings/Accessories: Pony & Ice Cream Cart, Cottage Hospital, Village Florist, Deluxe Country Mansion
Families: Bamboos (Pandas), Nettlefields (Goats), Marmalades (Brown Bears with white muzzles)
Buildings/Accessories: Milkman, Doctor, Post Office, Village Store, Country Bus, Country Cottage with Balcony
Families: Vandykes (Otters), Truffles (Wild Boars)
Buildings/Accessories: Policeman, Captain Seadog, Captain's Crew, Lock Keeper's Cottage, Marmalade Bear Grandparents, Marmalade Bear Wedding Set.
Launch of the Sylvanian Families Club
Families: Bouquets (Skunks), Furbanks (Squirrels), Billabongs (Koalas)
Buildings/Accessories: Basil & Suzette (Chef & Waitress), Harvester Restaurant, Nursery Treehouse
Families: Dappledawns (Fawn Rabbits)
Buildings/Accessories: Village Boutique, Meadowcroft Cottage (with figures Jack & Maisie Meadows - light brown mice), Carrie & Danny's Carousel Set, Baden & Mikaela's Camping Set, Eric Renard's Playground Set, Roxy Renard's Home Interior Set
Family: Mulberrys (Racoons/Red Pandas)
Accessories: Woodland Wedding Set
Tomy launches Sylvanian Families Little World
10th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families in the UK
Families: Waddlingtons (Ducks), Norwoods (Brown Mice)
10th Anniversary Families (Mum, Dad and 1 baby): Babblebrooks (Grey Rabbits), McBurrows (Brown Moles), Timbertops (Brown Bears)
Buildings/Accessories: Primrose Creche Set, Grandma's Coffee Break, Woodland Lodge
Family: Beagles (Dogs)
Building: Bakery
Flair takes over the distribution of Sylvanian Families from Tomy
Family: Petites (Light Brown Bears with Cream muzzles)
Building: Orchard Cottage
Families: Cottontails (Grey Rabbits with White faces), Renards (Foxes)
Buildings/Accessories: Primrose Cottage, Village Bus, Old Mill, House on the Hill
Building: St Francis School House & Library
Accessories: Family Life in Sylvania is launched with baby carry cases and figure sets.
From this year onwards there were new baby carry cases and figures sets launched every year, which are not individually listed.
Families: Macavitys (Striped Cats), Kennelworths (Dalmation Dogs)
Buildings: Lakeside Lodge, Grand Mansion
Families: Maces (Pale Brown Mice), Plumes (Grey & Cream Owls)
Buildings: House of Brambles Department Store, Brambles Cottage, Village Boutique
Families: Huckleberrys (Hound Dogs), Periwinkles (Cream Rabbits), Whiskers (Cats), Moss (Reindeers), Porridges (Brown Bears)
Buildings/Accessories: Oakwood Manor, Caravan & Pony, Pony & Trap, Stable & Pony
Families: Hawthorns (White Mice), Wildwoods (Brown Rabbits), Evergreens (Grey Bears)
Buildings/Accessories: Willow Hall (with real working lights), Country Bus, Hazelwood Toy Shop, The Mill on the Hill, Primrose Nursery, St John's School.
Families: Dales (Sheep), Hamiltons (Hamster), Slydales (Honey Foxes)
Buildings/Accessories: Baby Playroom, Baby Bathroom, Primrose Baby Windmill, Primrose Park, Wedding Chapel with Bride & Groom, Wedding Car, Willow Hall Conservatory, Ivy Cottage, Riverside Lodge